We stock a wide variety of loose foods in our dispensers, this means you can fill up your own containers and only pay for the amount of food you want and save on all of that unnecessary packaging.

Container filled with pasta, rice and beans
We stock a wide range of dried foods such as pastas, grains, pulses, nuts, seeds and herbs & spices. The majority of our food is organic, but it is all clearly labelled so that you know what you are buying!

We also stock a variety of pre packaged foods such as flavoured dorset sea salts, locally produced honey, oils and condiments. We source our products locally where possible and our focus is on ethically produced, good quality foods with no plastic packaging of course!

We also have fresh free range eggs delivered from a local farm, as well as freshly baked vegan biscuits and cakes from Crumb and Burrow in Lichfield.


We provide lots of plastic free toiletries and personal care items. We stock a variety of soap bars, all hand made in small batches by our trusted producers. We ensure the soaps are cruelty free, contain no nasty chemicals or palm oil. The majority of our soaps are vegan, as are our variety of shampoo bars.

Vegan shampoo bar
Shampoo bars

We stock shampoo & conditioner, hand wash and body wash refils, so simply bring along your empty containers.

Other plastic free items include bamboo toothbrushes, denttabs, reusable cosmetic wipes…


We stock refills for washing up liquid, all purpose cleaner, liquid detergent and fabric conditioners. Our current stocked brands include Bio D, Ecoleaf and Ecover.

Our ‘home’ section also includes plastic free washing up sponges, reusable kitchen roll, bamboo cutlery, metal and bamboo straws, beeswax and vegan food wraps.

Reusable coconut scourer and biodegradable scurbies

To see a full list of all of our items and prices please click here

Metal straws

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