The Lichfield Pantry is a zero waste shop that opened at the Plant Plot Garden Centre in April 2019.

We are passionate about the environment and giving people a wide selection of ethically sourced, plastic free produce. Our aim is to offer people plastic free alternatives to their usual products, locally sourced where possible. We are trying to keep the carbon footprint of our products as low as possible.

We stock dried foods such as grains and pulses and well as toiletries, cleaning products and household items, all without the need for plastics.

There is a growing trend for zero waste shopping throughout the U.K and a growing demand for this in Lichfield and surrounding areas. That’s why I opened a second shop, The Tamworth Pantry, a few month later.

‘zero waste’ is a journey about making changes where you can to your lifestyle and becoming more aware of how your choices impact the environment and us all generally. We hope that our shop can help you to initiate some of these changes!

We understand that plastic free shopping can sometimes feel daunting and confusing to some people. As a society we are just used to grabbing something from the supermarket shelf and not really considering – where it is from? is it sourced ethically? can (and will) this packaging be recycled?ย 

We source our products from ethical food co-operatives and small businesses where we can find out about the products we supply and we try to get them as locally as possible where we can.


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