Lichfield's Zero Waste Shop

Reducing waste with amazing products in the heart of your community

Our Story


I’m Samantha Paddock, and I live in Lichfield with my Husband Jon and three young children. I’m passionate about reducing people’s plastic use, but understand that zero waste is a journey about people making small changes to their lifestyle.

I started my own zero waste journey, when working in my job as a Dental Hygienist, and seeing the amount of waste day in day out in surgery. When I started to look into it further, I was shocked by the amount of waste and the consequences for each of us and our environment.

I’ve launched the Lichfield Pantry, to help make it easier for us all to take the small steps that can make a massive difference. I hope our shop is a place for people to start this zero waste journey too.

All of our products are researched thoroughly and we want to make people feel comfortable coming into the shop and love helping steer people onto their first steps towards zero waste lifestyle. People shouldn’t be put off taking simple steps towards this, by feeling like they can’t live up to the ‘eco-warrior’.

I find that I am learning new things everyday about the environment, veganism, pollution, the list goes on (most of which is from talking to customers).

I strongly believe that we constantly evolve as we learn and educate ourselves and others and as Vincent Van Gogh said

‘great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’

We look forward to taking this journey towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle with you.

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